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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


With the next generation console from Nintendo, you can always be connected. Because this is the connected console. The online features are implemented like in no other console before it, but they are all optional. You can play it just as you want offline if you want. No problem. But if you want, you can take advantage of a huge online network. It's integrated in the hardware and the firmware.

WiiConnect24 is the hardware feature that will allow it to stay connected while youre catching Zs, but online will play a big role both in games and as a new experience on Wii. Because it introduces new gameplay technical functions that has to do with online, and some games are online only. There is even one games in the works that requires to be connected, but still is a single player game... You can never imagine what you can use real-time information to.

The Opera web browser has already been confirmed for the Wii, but I can reveal to you that it will not be sold on a disc. It will be integrated in the software, and even in the hardware. It's all tailored to work together. And Opera is not only a way to browse the web and chat, it's also for games. Because that's the only thing we at Nintendo care for. Games. Because it's a games console. That's important to always remember. Whatever we do, it's to improve the game experience.

So, Opera will be fully integrated into the system, and it will connect to a special Wii portal from Nintendo. It's not yet finalized, but it will be there, as the most amazing online service the world has seen. Since much of this is still in the works, I dont know if Opera will come at launch. Maybe it will come as an update later on, but that you can still grab from online with the basic WiiConnect features built in the hardware, or you can go to a games store and download it with Wi-Fi.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Osoka Tanaka is fake

I can exclusively reveal to you that Osoko Tanaka, who also have a blog at this site, it fake. He has been talking lots of this "I-adapter". This is not true. There is no Wii peripheral called "I-adaptor". He is right that the Wii is not fully exposed, there is more things to know. But that could whoever guess. Osoko proves that because he does not have a connection to Nintendo at all. I can guarantee you. If you read his blog you can see that his posts only contain things whoever could have come up with. Because he has come up with it. He doesnt know more that anyone of the fans. Im talking about you.

But stay with my blog to hear amazing this. About Wii. Youll be the first to know. Because I think the hardcore fan should be allowed to hear it first. And youll have great fun speculating on the way. So Ill try and give more fuel to your discussion and push you i the right direction. Always remember thogh to have you brain at ready. Because you will need to develop my clues into big things. Because what theyre coming from is huge. The Wii and secrets it has.

Look in yourself

Do you think Wii is fully unveiled? No it still has some amazing secrets. The things Nintendo has left for you is the most breattaking. It will make you forget PlayStation with it's "fancy" graphics. Wii is not a weak console in graphics. When you realize that you see a whole new world of possibilities. Because the Wii has implemented graphics in a way noone thought to be possible. But it is thanks to research. We will be very proud to fully show you all, but that day is not today...

I can tell it is small. You will not notice this when you play the Wii. Because it is fits on the console. It's key to gameplay and also graphics environment. You will see, you will feel, you will experience the Wii in amazing ways.

When you see it you will not believe you eyes. It is not a stupid projector nor a visor, as I said it's on the console! This is truly the work of a genius. Geniuses...

Yeah... Try guessing what it can be. You will not come close I promise. Because this is groundbreaking tech. Only from Nintendo. You will see. You will feel, you will be there. In the game. In your world... Your own...

Hi, I'm Kiyoshi

Hi everyone, my name is Kiyoshi Saruwatari and I'm working on the next generation console from Nintendo. My English is not terribly bad because I work closely with American collegues, but it's not top-notch. The name Kiyoshi Saruwatari is taken not to reveal my true identity, because I'm under strict NDA. That means I'm not allowed to say anything about Wii. But I will step forward for the Nintendo fans the world over and reveal a little extra about the most amazing console.

So be sure to bookmark this blog because it will be a very important source in the future. I'm doing this for you.